6 Reasons to Chase Your Dreams and The Cold Truth

"I'm a superhero!" she yells as she scrunches up her nose and jumps in the air! Every day my daughter reminds me of what it means to dream and truly believe anything is possible.

Do you remember when you were younger and all of the things you dreamt you would be?! "I'm going to be a police officer! Well, I'm going to be an astronaut!" Sure they were just childhood or adolescent imaginary desires but they molded you into the person you would become and the goals you would set. Those impressions guided you to the choices you made, the things you did and the questions you asked. The questions I am referring to are the ones you ask yourself out of curiosity and wonder. All of this sparked an idea that ignited the power of your thought process. The American Psychological Association defines the thought process as any of the cognitive processes involved in such mental activities as reasoning, remembering, imagining, problem-solving, and making judgments. Maybe you are not living an immaculate life like you had imagined when you were younger. So you continuously feed yourself negative thoughts, ideas, and beliefs."I imagined a life so much better than this. Why do I have to go to this crappy job? I hate this car, I wish I was driving a 2020! Why? Why me? Why did I get the short end of the stick? Why me world? Why did this happen to me?" Because of your self-loathing, your unwillingness to make a change and the constant habit of negativity surrounding your thought process. The cold truth. We cannot begin to comprehend or dissect the thought process. With every new idea formed there are multiple thoughts formed both consciously and unconsciously. The only thing that we can control is the way we perceive our surroundings, situations, challenges and how we react to them. So yeah, maybe you are not where you want to be but have you asked yourself why and what you must do to change the course of your life? When you were young the sky was the limit and you had no reason to believe that you could not achieve what you put your mind to. Somewhere along the way you gave up and stopped believing in yourself and the things you CAN do. What you have or have not achieved has nothing to do with what your dreams were. It all has to do with where your mindset is. Change your mindset.

The power of the mind goes far beyond the explanation of science or psychology. They can scan and take pictures of your brain; ask you questions, listen and give you advice but they can never understand the rapid multitude of thoughts, questions, answers in your mind. Only you know what truly goes through your mind. The key to happiness and success lies within you. How do you change your mindset?

The Power of the Mindset

Positivity - Encourage yourself every single day! Set goals - Challenge yourself, accomplish and build yourself up! Be vulnerable - Vulnerability is the key to change and growth! Networking - Surround yourself with people who want to succeed and want to see you succeed! Believe - Start believing that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to! It can be terrifying changing your life and yourself but at some point, you must realize that the things you have been doing have stopped you from achieving your dreams. Be a child again and allow your imagination to run wild with the dreams you want to accomplish and turn them into goals.

Jack Canfield says, "People without goals get used by other people who have them. People who don't have goals work for people who do." Read it again and digest it.

The cold truth is that you and only you have stopped yourself from reaching the mountain top. No one else, not the obstacles or the setbacks, just you and your mindset. You do not have to continue living that way, it is never too late to begin chasing your dreams! 6 Amazing Benefits of Pursuing Your Dreams

1. Pride in Yourself

The pride that comes with putting work into yourself and your passions is endless. It will increase your self-worth and your confidence!

2. It's Your Path

The road that you create on your way to achieving your goals and dreams is yours. It only ends when you decide it ends. What you can or cannot achieve starts and ends with you!

3. Change Your Life

Pursuing what you love and what you want out of life will change everything from relationships, work, mental health and wealth!

4. The Doors Will Open

No longer will you be left knocking on the doors but the doors will open and you will be invited in. Working on yourself, pursuing your passions displays courage, admirability and work ethic!

5. Success

You will achieve success, you will reach your goals. Setbacks will occur but with you inching closer to your dreams, you will work even harder and success will be yours!

6. Happiness

The most sought after emotion in the world. Happiness comes from within. Doing what you love and sharing it with the world will bring you true, unrelenting happiness!

Dream on. Be vulnerable. Set goals. Achieve. Be happy.

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