8 Ways Running Will Transform You

"I can't go on, it hurts too much. I don't know if I can make it. I have to stop."

"Not you don't, you've got it! You can do this! Keep pushing forward, listen to your heart, and move your legs to its beat, one foot in front of the other. You've got more, you're almost there!"

The thoughts and inner war of a runner.

When people think of running, they automatically think of weight loss, exercise, abs, cardio, and physical health, amongst other ideas. Yes, running is associated with exercise routines that focus on those specific areas, but it's so much more than that when you stop looking at it as just an exercise for physical health.

Running empowers the human spirit in ways you can't even imagine unless you get out there and start running!

The Runner Transformed

A few months ago, I started pursuing all of the things that I love, and that made me feel alive. I began writing, sharing my poetry, urging others to do the same in there lives rather than living the routine that had been instilled in us growing up.

Go to college, work, pay bills, have a family, work more, pay more bills, accumulate more bills, work more until we die.

Yeah, that seems dark, but it's the reality that we live.

You're in this routine of trying to survive and make a life that you forget where you wanted to go. You've forgotten the dream that was going to change your life. It is now buried in dust, ash, and cobwebs, but it's still there. You've worked hard everywhere you've been and for everyone else. You gave your sweat, blood, and tears at your jobs. For what? To give it all away and to do it all over again; it's an endless cycle. Is that really what you want to be doing, or do you want to change YOUR world and make a difference?

There is so much more to experience than that. We have one life, and if you don't start living your purpose right now, then you will run out of time because time waits for no one.

One day my fiance asked me to watch a movie with her, and when I do watch movies, very rarely, I love to watch inspiring and motivating films. We settled on Brittany Runs a Marathon. It's about a woman who is living a life that has no meaning. Partying every night, working a dead-end job, surrounded by others who are living mediocrity but decides to start running for her health (physicality). Little does she know that by running, she is also strengthing her mind and transforming it. It was a great movie, and you'll have to watch it to find out the rest!

After it was over, I was inspired to run a marathon! I immediately picked up my phone, went to Google, and began researching marathons in my area. I found one and told my fiance, "I'm going to run a marathon!" I started training, looking for other races to train my competitive spirit as well. I'm still training despite my marathon being canceled due to the world pandemic, but I did complete my first marathon way ahead of schedule!

I was already retraining my mind, transforming myself into the person I knew that I was. I was putting work into myself and sharing it with others so that they, too, could begin living a life that's rewarding and fulfilling.

It began as training for a race that only 1% of people will attempt. So with working, being a family man, working with my clients, and writing, I was adding another challenge. I was pushing myself to live in high-performance.

Every day that I ran, I felt stronger physically, but something else was happening. My mind was clear, engaged, and I felt more creative! Life was changing, but my mind was continually adapting, and stress was nowhere to be found.

Running is a way of life, a road map if you will. It enhances your physical body, but it does even more for your mind!

8 Reasons to Become a Runner

  1. Clarity, Creativity, and Ideas - Having trouble with a project and looking for solutions? Run and let your mind do the rest! The human brain is so inventive if you allow creativity to flow freely!

  2. Mental Strength - Allow yourself to find the transformation of your mind, build your character by choosing not to quit when you're tired, when things are hard, and when you think you can't go on. Just like when life gets difficult, you must be prepared to keep moving forward and choose not to give up!

  3. Mental Health - Run away from anxious thoughts, run depression off! Sweat out all those negative feelings and let your legs bring you the positivity you've been searching for!

  4. Lose Your Self Imposed Limits - You're going to think that you can't go on, but those are just the limits you give yourself. Keep running, keep going, you have no limits! You'll realize that the only person holding you back is yourself!

  5. Find Self Understanding, Self Love, and Confidence - You'll learn who you really are, what you're capable of, what you love, and where you want to go. You'll start loving yourself more, making better choices in life and with your health. And you'll have the confidence to share your light with the world!

  6. Physical Health - Obviously, you'll have a healthier body and physique, and you owe it all to yourself for putting your body through the pain!

  7. Mindfulness - You'll find that you are more mindful of your mind, body, and spirit. They'll begin working as one, and the universe will blossom into wonderful opportunities and rewarding accomplishments!

  8. The Runner's High - Experience a fantastic and healthy euphoria! So much better than any substance you could ever take! Set that glass of wine down, leave that beer in the fridge, and go find out the feeling of crossing your finish line and making your mind, body, and spirit work together! It's exhilarating!

Run, You, Run!

I hope to see you all out sweating, exhausting yourself, and pushing your limits. Running will teach you how to face adversity and ultimately overcome it! It's a magical wonder how this activity to completely awaken you to the person you really are. You're more than you know, the world needs you to shine and to allow yourself to be seen.

So lace up those shoes, put on your favorite podcast or music, and start moving those legs!

"Always keep your legs moving, the drive in your heart will transform into the drive in your legs."

Strong body, strong mind, strong life.

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