A Runner's Poem

The runner feels the earth's energy beneath,

Not pavement, nor grass or even the gravel,

The birds sing as the winds caress the leaves,

He runs from the world; he runs from himself to explore the untraveled,

He feels an unnatural belonging; an unwavering peace,

The confusing reality that he lost himself, yet found himself along the way,

Thousands of miles and he continues to go,

He learned to be free; to accept the good, the bad, and even the pain,

The divine three in synchronization, and still, he grows,

Never stopping, never slowing, never quitting,

With nothing to lose, but the ungained,

As the rain is pouring, fear keeps screaming, and life keeps hitting,

He keeps moving forward, slightly insane,

His legs are burning; his chest enflamed an unforgiving agony,

The power of his mind his driving force as the dark walls of fear and weakness dissipate to nothingness,

He finds harmony in the suffering, to quit would be a tragedy,

The detachment, the whispering spirit, the passion become his process,

He strives for serenity as his body and earth collide,

To reach the solitude he so perilously desires,

The unification of mind, body, and spirit - at last realigned,

The runner endures, broken and tired.

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