How One Small Decision Can Change Your Life

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

You're walking out of work on Friday afternoon, you're beaten and you're tired. You feel your phone going off in your pocket or maybe your purse. You take it out and it's your friend, Lori, "Hey, you want to go get some drinks tonight?"

At this very moment, you can either reply with yes or no. Is it really that simple though? Or is there a hidden universe like the ones you see in the movies where every decision is life-altering? Those decisions that you think are meaningless are much more important than you think and not always in a positive way. Maybe you have a project due Monday morning, a class assignment you have been procrastinating on or maybe you simply just haven't been home to love on your beloved pets. Most likely, all the other possibilities, deadlines or tasks cross your mind but you still say, "Yes."

In moments like these, you are altering the course of your life for better or for worse. Everyone deserves leisure time but if you want your dreams and goals to come true you must be disciplined and execute your plan!

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