The Broken Path

I imprisoned myself inside my own mind,

Shut myself down and made myself blind,

To the people I hurt and the things I would do,

And those that I loved had not a clue,

That I was so helpless to this battle inside,

Yes-no and no-yes, a constant collide,

A void long ago I tried to fulfill,

No longer a WANT but a NEED for the thrill,

I craved and I yearned for that liquid poison,

To numb all the pain that dwelled deep within,

I lost self-control, lost hold of the reins,

Born with addiction, it's the blood in my veins,

I'll have one, I'll have two, I NEED MORE, I NEED MORE,

A thirst I can't quench, I've felt this before,

I'm dizzy, I'm sick, I can't walk a straight line,

I'm scared for myself, I know I'm not fine,

They don't care, no one does what happens to me,

I was ready to quit and ready to fall,

When I felt such a warmth and heard a voice call,

Then the veil had been lifted and then I could see,

I needed some help, but who could I ask,

Those I called friends were just wolves behind masks,

I cried all alone and finally gave in,

Dropped to my knees, confessed all my sin,

GOD take this disease, I don't WANT it no more,

Please show me the way, show me the door,

The path I've been on keeps taking from me,

The ones that I love and the ones that I need,

So I look up to you Lord, the giver of life,

Who saved me before, the sacrifice,

To light and the guide me into the new,

A life full of love, that's not fake but is true,

God help me to change, to become a good man,

And give me the strength to work through your plan,

I asked and he answered with grace and with love,

He guides my new path from his throne up above,

Yes, I still have this disease, no longer it's slave,

He took all the shackles, the whips, and the chains,

And now I will say you too can be free,

Just open your heart and say this with me,

"Lord I give into you, I accept all your grace,

Be my Light in the darkness, show me the way,

To a life without boundaries, to beat this disease,

Lord be my strength to recovery,

My rock in my sobriety."

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