The Essence of Time and 5 Virtues

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

What does it mean to be alive? What does it mean to experience life truly? To have a life that's fulfilling, exciting, and successful, more must be done!

Unfortunately, people are always procrastinating and putting off their lives for another day.

"I will do it tomorrow."

"I will go next year."

"I do not have time right now."


The most significant mistake people make in life is believing that they have time; life is not as long as it is perceived to be. One minute, a child is learning to ride a bike, tomorrow graduating college and looking for that dream job, abruptly the light at the tunnel's end.

Then all the promises made to oneself about pursuing dreams, finding love, creating a family, changing bad habits, traveling the world, and finding the right self drifts into nothingness.

Time is a treasure; utilize it daily. It is abundant, but priority must always be present—precision, diligence, and adaptability stabilizing.

As valuable as the life of the awakened being.

Time As Currency

If time earned as money purchased, what would today bring?

The realization that time belongs to no one and is invaluable.

People say they do not have time to exercise, take a class, write, or do anything extra because they work too much, but in all reality, it is just poor planning, time management, and a way to take the easy road in their lives of going through the motions.

Show up.

Time is a strange thing. It is continually moving forward; it never stops, never takes a break, and never waits for anyone. It is so essential to be constant in the pursuits, always moving forward, and always practicing gratitude.

5 Steps to Manage Time and Accomplish More

Take these steps to transform the cluttered state into an organized and relentless nature.

  1. Purchase a Planner - Go out and purchase a planner to keep life organized from appointments, work, leisure activities, workout sessions, and other fulfilling events.

  2. Write Down Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goals - Writing down goals gives the sensation of urgency, the essence of accountability, and the desire to accomplish. Everything in the planner is a goal to be achieved!

  3. When Plans Fail, Adapt - When a goal has reached its deadline, stay focused, replan, and write it down again!

  4. Be Persistent, Be Disciplined - Be persistent in planning every day, and be disciplined in pursuing those plans and goals.

  5. Show Up - Show up every day ready to conquer the day with plans and goals to inspire and motivate!

A Man Who Thought He Had Time

The rain was falling like a sea from the sky and smelled of ash and soot. The man stood in silence, staring into the woods, wondering how life had got away from him. Thinking about all of the things he wanted to do but never did, of all the places he would visit but never made it.

Mostly, he thought of her and how he had missed so much.

He remembered her and how he waited too long to find her. He could hear her laughter, cries, and even her voice, but they were becoming faint. He had not seen her in so long. He asked himself what she looked like, what she must sound like, what kind of person she had become, or would become.

The man looked away from the woods, then began to walk again.

I was lost for so long. Where did the time go?

The man was looking for her; he knew that she was gone and that he would probably never be able to explain why they were ever apart.

For ten years, he thought about her, missed her, but always put off looking for her. Now he searches for her memories, the ones that keep trying to fade away. It is all that he has left of her.

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