Unwavering Truth

He searched to feel that which is gone,

A place, a person, a memory lost,

He looked back in his mind to see the beyond,

He dwelled deep within, witnessed through the looking glass to see a lifeless drought,

The world had abused the meaning of life and became nothing but pawns,

Real-life was left empty, forgotten, an afterthought,

He has seen the end of time,

The inescapable truth that we ignore until it's too late,

Ignorance is bliss to those who walk the straight line,

Avoiding, pretending, believing they can avoid such a fate,

Terrifying, peaceful, painful, relieving, unique for each kind,

Do not waste time angry, sad, or even afraid,

No matter what we do, we will never escape,

Harness that truth, learn to live, learn to love, to be free with such passion,

The years, the months, the days, and especially the seconds are always slipping away,

This could be the moment you're never given again,

When looking up is no longer the sky, but the light at the pearly gates,

Hold on to your dreams, don't give up, don't give in, find the strength from within.

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